Resepi Udang Goreng Butter Yang Enak

Resepi Udang Goreng Butter Yang Enak

Hi semua. Hari ni saya nak mengkongsikan resepi udang goreng butter yang sedap kepada semua pembaca blog ini. Resepi Udang Butter @ Resepi Udang Goreng Butter @ Resepi Udang Masak Butter adalah resepi yang semakin ramai diminati oleh semua. Asalnya resepi ini selalu dilihat di kedai-kedai makanan Cina Muslim, jadi boleh dikatakan resepi ini datangnya dari orang Cina.

Untuk membuat Udang Butter @ Udang Goreng Butter @ Udang Masak Butter ini tidaklah susah mana pon. Asalkan bahan-bahan cukup boleh kita memasaknya. Tapi sebelum saya kongsikan kepada anda tentang Resepi Udang Butter @ Resepi Udang Goreng Butter @ Resepi Udang Masak Butter ini, saya nak kongsi tentang resepi kek batik yang saya pernah kongsikan sebelum ini. Kepada mereka yang terlepas. Boleh lihat disini

Resepi Udang Goreng Butter Yang Enak

udang masak butter

Resepi Udang Goreng Butter Yang Enak

  • Udang
  • Tepung Kanji
  • Daun Kari
  • Cili Padi / Cili Besar
  • Stok Ayam
  • Minyak Masak
  • Butter
  • Telur Kuning Sahaja

Resepi Udang Goreng Butter Yang Enak

Cara-cara memasak Udang Butter @ Udang Goreng Butter @ Udang Masak Butter

  1. Gaulkan udang dengan tepung kanji sehingga sebati
  2. Panaskan minyak masak di dalam kuali
  3. Masukkan gaulan udang dan tepung di dalam kuali
  4. Masak udang tersebut dan setelah masak asingkan udang tersebut
  5. Sediakan minyak masak yang baru di dalam kuali dan masukkan butter
  6. Kacau telur kuning sehingga rata
  7. Masukkan telur kuning yang dah rata tadi ke dalam kuali sedikit demi sedikit sambil mengacau bahan-bahan di kuali
  8. Masukkan stok ayam, cili dan daun kari kedalam kuali
  9. Teruskan gaul bahan-bahan di dalam kuali sehingga nampak macam jadi buih
  10. Angkat dan tapis masuk ke dalam udang yang dah masak tadi dan siap

Senang jer sebenarnya nak buat Udang Butter @ Udang Goreng Butter @ Udang Masak Butter ni. Cuma kena pastikan jangan henti gaul masa masak butter dan telur kuning. So, tunggu apa lagi. Selamat mencuba dan selamat menjamu.

Resepi Udang Butter | Resepi Udang Goreng Butter | Resepi Udang Masak Butter

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Resepi Udang Butter | Resepi Udang Goreng Butter | Resepi Udang Masak Butter

DAP official says PAC report did not trap Najib Razak in 1MDB issue

DAP official says PAC report did not trap Najib Razak in 1MDB issue

KUALA LUMPUR: A DAP official repeated his position that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report did exclude Datuk Seri Najib Razak in the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) issue.

Dr Tan Seng Giaw, who is moreover PAC master official, requested that there is nothing in the 106-page report that fingered the Prime Minister of any loathsome lead in the 1MDB issue.

“It isn’t resolved,” said Dr Tan when asked on whether the PAC report proposed Najib being secured with the issue.

“One needs to make illustrate (to demonstrate some individual being secured with dreadful direct) as that is the (lead) of continue running of law (in Malaysia).

“Under (the control of) bundle of essentialness (between the official, administrative and authentic arms of a nation), just a judge could settle on the choice on whether a man is in danger or not. It isn’t you or I,” said Dr Tan.

DAP official says PAC report did not trap Najib Razak in 1MDB issue

Dr Tan in like way analyzed certain quarters who depended upon online segment Sarawak Report for confirm purportedly naming Najib as being secured with the 1MDB issue.

He brought up that what the path circled can’t be thought about check in the issue.

“Affirmation isn’t illustrate,” he said.

“Under the continue running of law, a man is clear until indicated indefensible.

“To the degree lead of law, one needs to take a gander at further to discover what really happened. You can’t simply say Najib is committed,” he said.

DAP official says PAC report did not trap Najib Razak in 1MDB issue

In April 8, 2006, Tan was spoken to stating that Najib ought not be viewed as responsible for the 1MDB issue.

He said this is in light of the way that Najib was not especially included with its association.

DAP had on Monday declared that they were dropping Dr Tan, who is the Kepong parliamentary tenant, from testing the seat in the fourteenth General Election. Or on the other hand perhaps, Lim Lip Eng, who was Segambut MP, will now challenge the Kepong Seat.

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blueninja ecommerce

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blueninja mobile apps

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blueninja google marketing

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blueninja digital marketing social media

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All New 2018 Nissan Serena

All New 2018 Nissan Serena

The all-new, fifth-age Nissan Serena has been completely uncovered, after two or three spyshots and spilled freebee photographs of the huge MPV. As you’d expect, the Serena gets a visual redesign, and also a pound in gear and tech as well.

Beginning with the looks, the base assortment Serena’s front belt fuses the carmaker’s stamp V-advancement two-prop grille, which gets together with the lines of the scratched hood. Two-level headlamps have likewise been displayed here, which are fitted flawlessly close to the new grille and hood, close by new mist lights.

Somewhere else, the Serena moreover gets a two-tone body shading plan and a “drifting roof” look by goodness of the dull painted D-sections. Nissan in addition joins that the MPV’s A-fragments are more thin than before which doesn’t accomplish any trade off to the vehicle’s basic relentless nature. A conspicuous line additionally keeps running start from the headlamps, the sides of the MPV and into the back entrance rails.

All New 2018 Nissan Serena Specs

At the back, the tail lights are before long shorter than some time starting late, so as not to botch up the Serena’s “skimming rooftop” look. Between the updated tail lights is a passed out zone of the back brood for the Nissan logo, and just underneath that is a wide chrome highlight orchestrated fundamentally completed the nameplate and number plate holder.

Remember that the as of now said outline signs are for the base Serena assortment (blue auto). On the Highway Star assortment (red auto), the Serena gets a bodykit including an all the more obviously convincing front screen with additional chrome to affect the V-to advancement grille inside and out more unmistakable. The Highway Star also shows side skirts, new wheels, new back screen and dull painted side mirrors.

Moving inside, the Serena’s lodge has been made more upmarket than some time starting late, like what we saw in before spyshots and spilled introduce pictures. As an issue of first significance, the best dash now has a more expansive instrument binnacle that segment new electronic shows inside. Moreover, the driver now understands onto a less thick and sportier controlling wheel than some time starting late.

Proceeding ahead, the reshaped air-con vents are masterminded close to the starting late outlined out fixation stack, which fuses a silver incorporate. Inside its edge, the middle stack has the auto’s new air-con switchgear, outfit selector, electronic ending brake, the push-begin get and the wide touchscreen infotainment unit.

All New 2018 Nissan Serena Equipment

As appeared by Nissan, the new Serena “has the vastest inside in its class,” and the staggering bit of that space is found in the back of the seven-seater MPV. Getting to said space by techniques for the controlled secondary passages is starting at now a sans hands issue on the Highway Star assortment, as you would now have the ability to open the sections by essentially sliding your foot under them with the Intelligent Key in your pocket.

Other inside features join the “zero gravity” seats from the Teana, which advances into the first and second line of the Serena. The third portion seats are in like way guaranteed to be anticipated expanded solace like the front seats to help reduce deficiency amidst lengthy drives.

To the degree success, Nissan’s crisis stopping framework, Lane Departure Warning, Around View Monitor and Smart Rearview Mirror are standard here. Concerning driver help highlights, Intelligent Park Assist and ProPILOT are accessible. The last means the presentation of Nissan’s free drive advancement, which can regularly control the fortifying administrator, brakes and overseeing when driving out and about, in both overwhelming and spouting development.

For control, the Serena officers on with the S-Hybrid powertrain from its pioneer, which for this condition, joins a MR20DD 2.0 liter direct-saturated twin-CVTC four-chamber oil motor that makes 147 PS at 5,600 rpm, while torque yield is 210 Nm at 4,400 rpm.

All New 2018 Nissan Serena

The plant is mated to a Xtronic CVT, and is supplemented by an ECO engine that controls the auto’s Idling Stop farthest point and fills in as an alternator amidst deceleration. The 1.8 kW/200 An engine likewise considers a “torque help” work, giving a 50 Nm lift to up to one moment while moving far from an end.

Other drive-related updates combine strengthening the structure around the back entryway and enhancing certain parts of the suspension framework like more prominent shields, which Nissan claims thinks about “more sharp reflexes amidst sidelong advances, for example, when taking off enthusiastic way improvements.

The new Serena is made at Nissan Motor Kyushu, and will go at an arrangement in Japan in late August with a base regard set underneath the three million yen check (RM114,463). For a fun reality, more than 1.5 million Serenas have been sold since it at first went at an arrangement in 1991.

Toyota Sienna In Depth Review

Toyota Sienna In Depth Review

The sensible Sienna has each one of the indications of the bleeding edge minivan: a broad inside, forefront dynamic security features, and an extraordinary, successful powertrain. Its V-6 and eight-speed customized can be joined with class-specific all-wheel drive; front-wheel-drive is standard. An optional rearward sitting arrangement preoccupation structure and a Wi-Fi hotspot keep the kids content. Standard prosperity tech joins motorized emergency braking, way keeping help, and that is just a hint of a greater challenge. Regardless, the Sienna does not have some imperative features, for instance, the Pacifica’s cover into-the-floor second-push seats, or the innate vacuum that is open in both the Odyssey and Pacifica. While this bulky box isn’t as intricate inside and its ride is less refined than those enemies, the Sienna has a great deal of substance to satisfy buyers.

Toyota Sienna In Depth Review What’s New for 2018?

Toyota rolled out basic powertrain improvements to the Sienna in 2017, nonetheless it didn’t tinker with whatever else. For 2018, the most clear invigorate is another front end and adjusted lower-body sheets. Within has been overhauled with a secured windshield and acoustic glass on the front-push side windows for more settled running and another 4.2-inch driver information appear in the measure group. The Entune infotainment system is redesignd over the Sienna lineup with up to five USB ports and an optional 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. The open rearward sitting arrangement fervor system would now have the capacity to stream from Android contraptions. Premium sound structures are open, too. The 2018 Sienna has Toyota Safety Sense P standard. It fuses forward-crash advised, robotized emergency braking, way departure alerted, way keeping help, customized high-columns, and flexible trip control.

Toyota Sienna In Depth Review What Was New for 2017?

The Sienna looks essentially the same as it did when the third-age show first hit showrooms as a 2011 model. The most tremendous switch so far was dumping the base four-barrel engine in 2013, making Toyota’s 3.5-liter V-6 the principle engine choice. For 2017, the Sienna gets an invigorated powertrain. The V-6 has a vague dislodging from its progenitor, however boasts an extra 30 quality (up to 296) and 18 lb-ft of torque (up to 263). Its running mate is another eight-speed modified transmission that replaces the six-speed. Together they improve refinement, expanding pace, and mileage.

Toyota Sienna In Depth Review Trims and Options We’d Choose

The 2018 Sienna incorporates an emphasis of standard dynamic security features and an upgraded infotainment structure, both of which make the minivan more present day and all the more appealing to customers. As in 2017, the Sienna LE is the best arrangement and our favored choice among minivans. It starts at $34,655 (up $1120 from a year prior), and its standard features include:

• 7.0-inch Entune infotainment touchscreen

• Heated, control adjustable outside mirrors

• Power-adaptable driver’s seat

• Dual power-sliding back passages

Counting all-wheel drive incorporates costs $2540 and lessens explorer seating from eight to seven by taking out the removable second-push arrange. We’d make do with the front-drive setup and simply incorporate the Outdoor package ($364), which shields our wander from kids, canines, and the segments. It incorporates all-atmosphere floor liners, bended gatekeepers, and doorsill protectors. That singular option brought our total to $35,019. While the Honda Odyssey EX-L ($38,335) and the Chrysler Pacifica Touring L ($36,590) are overflowing with features and our most adored alternatives, the Sienna LE is far from stripped down. The people who needn’t waste time with lavish pants extra things and in addition slant toward a Toyota in their parking space will be content.

Malaysian Economy In 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian economy will stay flexible one year from now, with approved total national yield (GDP) connecting in the territory of 5 and 5.5 for every penny.

This will be driven by private request, as appeared by the Economic Report 2017/2018.

Private region use will keep being the sincere driver of change with private hypothesis and utilize growing 8.9 for each penny and 6.8 for each penny uninhibitedly.

Open district use is measure to decrease according to hack down capital expenses by open affiliations.

Malaysian Economy 2018

How’s Malaysian Economy in 2018

On the supply side, change is required to far reaching based, with all divisions picking positive advance.

The outside position is likely going to stay noteworthy fortified by general progression and exchange.

Against this setting, the irrefutable Gross National Income per capita is likely going to ascend by 5.1 for every penny to RM42,777 in 2018 from RM40,713 in 2017.

The report said with theory making at a speedier pace, the additional stores wind hole will bound to 2.3 for every penny of gross national pay (GNI).

Malaysian Economy in Year 2018

The economy will keep working under states of full work with a joblessness rate of underneath 4 for every penny, while change stays kind.

As appeared by the cash related union structure, the budgetary need will other than destroy to 2.8 for every penny of GDP in 2018.

The association obligation will stay achievable, with the sensible most remote crosses of 55 for each penny of GDP.

With more grounded stray pieces, the economy will be more grounded to drive the nation towards cutting edge and high-pay country by 2020, copying the economy to RM2 trillion out of 2025 and joining the spots of best 20 nations by 2050.

Credit to : NST

Author : Nabil Che Kholid ( )

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Top Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Top Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is very extraordinary to whatever remains of Malaysia which is the reason it can be the ideal expansion to your Malaysian enterprise! It’s home to excellent view, fresh air, winding streets, and there are some fun attractions in Cameron Highlands.

The greater part of this prompts a goal which makes for a flawless short break.

Situated from 1200-2000 meters above ocean level, the moving slopes of Cameron Highlands are well known for tea ranches and it’s a stunning spot to visit, unwind and appreciate the break from the swamp warm.

I have gone to twice. The first run through was previously I had children so I knew it would be the ideal place to return now I had them. It’s anything but difficult to arrive from Kuala Lumpur or different urban communities on the west shoreline of peninsular Malaysia and the range gets a lot of sightseers – meaning it’s well set up with parcels to do whether you are distant from everyone else, with companions or with kids.

Underneath, you will discover our manual for what to do in Cameron Highlands, activities in Cameron Highlands with kids, a Cameron Highlands guide of attractions, best places to remain in Cameron Highlands and other data so you have an incredible remain.

Top activities in Cameron Highlands

These Cameron Highlands attractions are to some degree all together as you come nearer from the south and go to the north. This was the course we went as we touched base from Kuala Lumpur and made a beeline for Ipoh.

There are very few must see puts in Cameron Highlands. The vacation destinations in Cameron Highlands are relaxed and many are rehashed numerous circumstances – I rapidly forgot about what number of strawberry ranches we passed. They do, nonetheless, make for an exquisite day or two of fun investigation.

Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation

One of our most loved spots to visit in Cameron Highlands Malaysia is this manor 4 kilometers south of Tanah Rata. In the event that you are driving up to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur (like us) at that point you will drive straight past it.

There are two tea house regions situated by the principle street and the perspectives are simply stunning. They are best at the tea house nearest to Tanah Rata.

There are no visits however you can appreciate the perspectives and stroll around a little part. I exceptionally prescribe not going by on an end of the week! It was so bustling our exclusive alternative was to twofold stop and simply investigate (and photograph) of the view before proceeding onward.

Tanah Rata

One of the spots to see in Cameron Highlands is Tanah Rata, the primary town. Likewise with wherever in Cameron Highlands, the scenery is pretty and the town itself comprises of shops, spending lodgings and eateries. It’s a decent place to stop and inspire a comment with numerous decisions.

Sam Poh Temple

For an alternate Cameron Highlands fascination make a beeline for the Sam Poh Temple, situated on the edges of Brinchang. This is home to one of the biggest Buddha’s in Malaysia and it’s a beautiful tranquil spot encompassed by slopes.

Sri Tehndayuthapany Swamy

Somewhere else to visit in Cameron Highlands is Sri Tehndayuthapany Swamy. This Hindu sanctuary is found quite recently south of Brinchang on the fundamental street so is anything but difficult to visit in transit past.

Raju Hill’s Strawberry Farm

One of the primary Cameron Highlands exercises is picking strawberries! Furthermore, given the amount we cherish strawberries, we weren’t passing up a major opportunity for this.

We went to Raju Hill’s Strawberry Farm. It is very broad and it was simple for us to locate some yummy ready strawberries. It’s prescribed to visit strawberry cultivates in the morning to ensure there are still bounty to pick! This is a major strawberry cultivate however so I figure you would be alright.

Notwithstanding picking strawberries, there was likewise a bistro and a chocolate shop.

You pay for the strawberries in view of weight. Least charge was RM30 for two individuals and a large portion of a kilo of strawberries.

Credit : Tempat menarik di cameron highland

Credit : Tempat menarik di cameron highland

Credit :


Datuk Seri Dan Isteri Didakwa Datuk R Ramanan

Datuk R Ramanan - Jinniu Guoji

Datuk Seri Dan Isteri Didakwa Atas Penipuan Forex

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri dan isterinya, dengan tuduhan menjalankan syarikat pertukaran asing yang diragui, terus dikejar oleh mangsa yang membuat laporan polis baru.

Dalam tuduhan terbaru, bekas Ketua Bendahari MIC Datuk R Ramanan mendakwa pasukan suami dan isteri telah pun masuk Islam pada tahun 2013 untuk meyakinkan seorang pelabur Islam untuk meletakkan RM55 juta dalam syarikat mereka.
Ramanan bercakap kepada akhbar selepas dia dan puluhan mangsa membuat laporan polis baru terhadap pasangan itu di ibu pejabat polis Dang Wangi semalam.

Datuk R Ramanan telah mendorong pasangan untuk menghadapi undang-undang selepas tuduhan muncul tahun lalu mereka terlibat dalam penipuan pertukaran asing. Syarikat pelaburan forex itu telah ditumpaskan oleh Jabatan Jenayah Komersial Bukit Aman pada 28 Mac.

Datuk R Ramanan - Jinniu GuojiDatuk R Ramanan Gesa Pihak Polis untuk mendakwa pasangan tersebut

Kenyataan hari berikutnya oleh pengarah CCID, Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani berkata, enam suspek berusia antara 28 dan 38 tahun telah ditahan reman selama 21 hari di bawah Seksyen 3 (1) Akta Pencegahan Jenayah (Poca). Seramai 20,000 pelabur mendakwa bahawa mereka ditipu.

Dalam kenyataannya, Comm Acryl Sani berkata para pelabur meletakkan sekurang-kurangnya RM2,000 dan syarikat pelaburan menjanjikan pulangan harian, yang tidak dibayar. “Polis telah melakukan kerja yang hebat setakat ini. Tetapi masalahnya ialah ketika anda berjaya mendapatkan ‘ekor ular’, kepala masih di luar sana, “kata Datuk R Ramanan.

Wakil dari salah satu peserta turut mendakwa pasangan tersebut – Datuk R Ramanan

Amy Salmiah Dahlan, 43, adalah salah seorang mangsa yang hadir di sidang media.
“Saya mewakili sekumpulan kira-kira 700 pelabur. Kami kehilangan kira-kira RM6 juta sejak tahun lepas di syarikat pertukaran asing yang diasaskan oleh suami dan isteri ini, “katanya.

Amy menambah bahawa dia diperkenalkan kepada syarikat itu oleh kawan bersama.
“Dia memberitahu saya bahawa syarikat itu adalah sebuah syarikat yang berdaftar di New Zealand dan dia telah membuat sekitar RM2.4 juta daripadanya,” kata Amy, menjelaskan bagaimana dia menjadi salah seorang pelabur.

Seorang lagi mangsa, Sri Kumar, 42, mempunyai cerita serupa.
“Saya menyertai pada Februari tahun lepas. Pada mulanya, saya mempunyai pulangan yang baik dari pelaburan saya.
“Jadi saya memberitahu orang lain tentang syarikat pelaburan itu. Tetapi dari bulan Ogos tahun lepas, saya tidak melihat apa-apa pulangan. Saya melabur kira-kira RM100,000, “kata Sri Kumar, yang tidak mendedahkan berapa banyak yang beliau terima pada mulanya.
OCPD Dang Wangi Asst Comm Mohd Sukri Kaman, ketika dihubungi, mengesahkan bahawa polis telah menerima laporan dan siasatan sedang dijalankan.



Siapakah DS Rosmah Mansor?

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor

Siapakah DS Rosmah Mansor?

Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor dilahirkan di Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan pada 10 Disember 1951. Seorang anak kepada pendidik, beliau mempunyai sekolah menengah di Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, sebuah sekolah berasrama yang berprestij untuk gadis-gadis Melayu yang cerah di Malaysia. Dia adalah isteri kepada Dato Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Hj Abd Razak. Suaminya mengiktiraf isterinya kerana bukan sahaja memberi kehidupan rumah dan keluarga sebagai perhatian dan perhatian sebegitu tetapi memainkan peranan penting dalam membekalkan sokongan penting kepada kepimpinan suaminya di Malaysia. semasa menyampaikan ucapan penutupannya pada mesyuarat agung tahunan UMNO ke-67, Disember 2013 di Dewan Merdeka, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra, Presiden Najib Razak memuji isterinya, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor kerana “perbuatan baik “nya kepada negara itu.

Dalam ucapannya di perhimpunan agung, beliau menyerlahkan dua contoh di mana Rosmah membantu Malaysia; satu contoh di mana isteri Perdana Menteri memainkan peranan penting dalam melepaskan pelajar yang ditahan di Mesir; dan semasa Piramid Operasi Malaysia di Arab Saudi, kerajaan meminta keluar pelajar Malaysia tanpa visa. Beliau menggunakan hubungan diplomatiknya dan mendapat pelajar dengan kerajaan Saudi yang menawarkan dua jet jumbo untuk membantu kita mengekstrak pelajar.

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor dan Anak Permata

Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor sangat percaya bahawa pembangunan modal insan bermula dengan anak-anak dan ia merupakan pelaburan penting bagi negara. Ini akan meletakkan asas kukuh untuk pertumbuhan negara, produktiviti, perpaduan sosial dan keamanan. Oleh itu, beliau telah aktif dalam memacu inisiatif ini melalui program PERMATA bermula dengan penubuhan pusat pendidikan dan pusat penjagaan kanak-kanak di seluruh negara atau Permata Negara yang memberi tumpuan kepada kanak-kanak di bawah 5 tahun. Melalui usaha beliau, setakat ini, lebih daripada 650 Pusat Permata Negara telah ditubuhkan di seluruh negara.

Program ini telah diperluaskan kepada kanak-kanak berbakat intelektual di bawah panji PERMATA Pintar, yang bertujuan untuk menyediakan persekitaran pembelajaran yang sesuai untuk mencabar mereka sepenuhnya. Program ini menawarkan dua pendekatan, kem sekolah tahunan untuk kanak-kanak berumur 9-15 dan sekolah untuk kanak-kanak berbakat berusia 16-17 di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Adapun PERMATA Seni, tujuannya adalah untuk memperhalus lagi bakat anak-anak dalam seni persembahan i.e: musik, paduan suara dan tarian. Walaupun untuk PERMATA Insan, kanak-kanak berbakat diberikan pendedahan awal kepada pemahaman tentang al-Quran dan as-Sunnah untuk menjadikan mereka intelektual Islam masa depan.

Sebagai cara untuk menjangkau golongan belia terutama yang berisiko, beliau memulakan Perkasa Remaja melalui camp camp dan program berasaskan Komuniti. Kedua-dua program ini bertujuan untuk memperkasakan belia untuk menjadi pembangunan arus perdana.

Pengiktirafan Kepada Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor

Sebagai pengiktirafan atas sumbangan beliau kepada negara dan rakyatnya, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor telah dianugerahkan pelbagai anugerah yang tinggi dari Negeri Pahang, Kedah, Melaka, Selangor, Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah dan Sarawak. Beliau juga dianugerahkan Doktor Kehormat dalam Pendidikan oleh Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia, Doktor Kehormat Inovasi dalam Pembangunan Kapasiti Manusia oleh Limkokwing Universiti Teknologi Kreatif dan Doktor Kehormat dalam Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak oleh Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). Sumbangannya juga diakui di peringkat antarabangsa dengan penghargaan Tanggungjawab Sosial dari kota Ankara, Turki. Beliau juga dianugerahi Doktor Kehormat Surat oleh Universiti Curtin Australia dan Profesor oleh Universiti Teknologi Maklumat Antarabangsa, Kazakhstan.

Rosmah Mansor telah dianugerahkan pelbagai anugerah, gelaran dan pengiktirafan dari institusi tempatan dan luar negara. Salah satu anugerah paling terkenal yang beliau terima ialah Anugerah Perdamaian dan Harmoni dari Majlis Perniagaan untuk Pengertian Antarabangsa dari Amerika Syarikat pada 17 April 2010. Anugerah ini diberikan kepada Rosmah Mansor oleh bekas Setiausaha AS Lawrence Eagleburger. Acara ini diadakan di Hotel St. Regis yang terkenal.

Pada 2 Mac 2012, Rosmah Mansor dianugerahkan Pingat Perkhidmatan Cemerlang dari presiden Institut Teknologi Stevens, Dr. Nariman Farvardin di New Jersey, sebagai pengiktirafan terhadap perkhidmatan awamnya, terutamanya dalam memperkasakan wanita dan kesamarataan jantina, dan peranan penting yang dimainkannya dalam menggalakkan pendidikan awal di kalangan rakyat Malaysia.

Kereta Sewa Gombak

Kereta Sewa Gombak

Dapatkan Perkhidmatan Sewa Kereta Gombak Sekarang

Apa itu Kereta Sewa Gombak ?

Agensi Sewa Kereta adalah sebuah syarikat yang menyewa kereta untuk jangka masa yang singkat, biasanya terdiri daripada beberapa jam untuk beberapa minggu. Ia sering dianjurkan dengan banyak cawangan tempatan (yang membolehkan pengguna untuk memulangkan kenderaan ke lokasi yang berbeza), dan terutamanya terletak berhampiran lapangan terbang atau kawasan bandar yang sibuk dan sering dilengkapi dengan sebuah laman web yang membolehkan tempahan dalam talian.

Agensi sewa kereta gombak terutamanya berkhidmat kepada rakyat yang memerlukan kenderaan sementara, contohnya mereka yang tidak memiliki kereta mereka sendiri, pelancong yang berada di luar bandar, atau pemilik kenderaan dirosakkan atau dimusnahkan yang sedang menunggu pembaikan atau insurans pampasan. agensi sewa kereta juga boleh memenuhi keperluan industri sendiri bergerak, dengan menyewa van atau lori, dan dalam sesetengah pasaran lain-lain jenis kenderaan seperti motosikal atau skuter juga boleh ditawarkan.

Di samping sewa asas kenderaan, agensi sewa kereta biasanya juga menawarkan produk tambahan seperti insurans, sistem kedudukan global (GPS) sistem navigasi, sistem hiburan, telefon bimbit, WiFi mudah alih dan kerusi keselamatan kanak-kanak.

Insuran Sewa Kereta Gombak

Walaupun sering tidak dinyatakan secara jelas, syarikat-syarikat kereta sewa gombak dikehendaki oleh undang-undang negeri masing-masing untuk memberi perlindungan liabiliti minimum, di mana pemandu adalah bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya. Ini meliputi kos kepada pihak ketiga sekiranya berlaku kemalangan. Di kebanyakan negeri, ia adalah menyalahi undang-undang untuk memandu kereta tanpa liputan liabiliti. Syarikat-syarikat sewa kereta mengekalkan insurans liabiliti pada kenderaan mereka; Walau bagaimanapun, beberapa syarikat akan mengenakan caj untuk ini, jika anda tidak menyediakan insurans anda sendiri. Sebagai contoh, di Maryland, tahap minimum perlindungan liabiliti adalah $ 20,000 bagi kecederaan anggota badan dan $ 15,000 bagi kerosakan harta benda.

Ia adalah biasa, apabila menyewa sebuah kereta, yang akan ditawarkan pelbagai bentuk insurans tambahan dan / atau pengecualian kerosakan sebagai tambahan pilihan pada kos tambahan.

Sejarah Bermulanya Kereta Sewa Murah Gombak

Contoh terawal yang diketahui kereta yang ditawarkan pada tarikh sewa untuk tahun 1904. Syarikat Jerman Sixt telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 1912 dengan tiga kereta untuk disewa.

Joe Saunders of Omaha, Nebraska pertama bermula dengan hanya satu dipinjam Model T Ford pada tahun 1916, tetapi tahun 1917, beliau Ford Livery Syarikat telah menyewakan 18 Model Ts di 10 sen sebatu. Nama syarikat yang menjadi Saunders Sistem Drive-It-Yourself dan kemudian Sistem Saunders. By 1926, Saunders telah berkembang kepada 56 bandar-bandar. syarikat Saunders ‘telah dibeli oleh Avis pada tahun 1955.

Pesaing awal untuk Saunders adalah Walter L. Jacobs, yang berpangkalan di Chicago Rent-a-Car dibuka pada tahun 1918 dengan dua belas Ford Model T. Syarikat itu telah dibeli pada tahun 1923 oleh John Hertz.

Layari untuk perkhidmatan kereta sewa murah gombak

Di Britain, sewa kereta bermula dengan Godfrey Davis, yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 1920, dan membeli dengan Europcar pada tahun 1981.

Sektor ini berkembang pesat di Amerika Syarikat; pada tahun 1926, yang Driveurself Persatuan Amerika dipasang lebih 1200 perwakilan di Chicago.

Pertumbuhan dalam perjalanan selepas Perang Dunia II membawa kepada penubuhan beberapa syarikat-syarikat antarabangsa yang terkenal, termasuk National Car Rental (1947), Europcar (1949), Enterprise Rent-A-Car (1957), Thrifty Rent A Car (1958), dan Budget Rent a Car